Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Whatever your mobile platform, you can have the best phone trackers on the market at your service. The following keep your security and privacy in mind.

1. Glympse

This company is all about improving customer experience, especially with delivery services. Among their many solutions that use location sharing technology is Glympse, a simple app for commercial and personal use.

You can broadcast your location to a chosen recipient or ask someone to return the favor. That’s the phone tracker’s main function, but it also lets you add messages, speed, metric units, and even specify for how long the app should share your location.

Whether your priority is security or convenience when keeping appointments, for example, Glympse is a good choice. Not just because it’s one of the easiest apps to use, but you can also be sure of its reliability, considering it’s already a key tool for professionals on the go.

Download: Glympse for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Life360

If you’re looking for lots of extra features in your phone tracker, then Life360 is a better choice. Designed for close circles, like family and friends, the app lets you check in with everyone else when necessary.

Thanks to a good GPS system and detailed global map, alerts between members of the circle are quick and precise.

In addition to sharing locations, you can contact each other in emergencies like an injury or car crash. Interestingly, the app can even monitor and keep a log of a user’s driving, including top speed and total miles.

The SOS button is just as valuable. Whenever you feel unsafe, you press it. Once released, you have 10 seconds to enter a pin before an alert is sent to circle members and emergency services. This last feature is only available to Gold members, but could be a lifesaver alongside other smart apps and devices for emergencies.

It’s impossible to predict an emergency, but these smart devices come pretty close. Never worry about your home or family’s safety again after putting these sensors and alarms on the job!

The membership-based restrictions are a downside of Life360. Nevertheless, depending on how much you want to invest and get out of the app, it can make a big difference to your connections and security.

Download: Life360 for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. iSharing

This is another app with plenty to offer, especially to a group of people. It can notify you about a range of things, from when linked people leave a location to where they are at any given time. It also works as a walkie-talkie, allowing you to exchange messages fast and free.

iSharing comes with its own panic alert too. You can either tap the button on the screen or shake your smartphone. Both methods notify group members within seconds.

It lacks the massive range of services that Life360 comes with, but does provide the essentials any family could need. You get an efficient and user-friendly GPS that cares about your peace of mind and well-being.

That ticks all the boxes of what the best phone trackers are supposed to do.

Download: iSharing for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

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